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To help ensure your financial security in the vibrant golden years of retirement, CLICO has developed a plan to help you prepare for retirement by investing today's savings while generating interest for tomorrow.

WHY PLAN FOR RETIREMENT? We plan for retirement to maintain certain standards of living throughout our life. It is far too common to observe persons whose standards of living decline drastically upon retiring. This occurs because:

  • earnings stop but expenses continue and sometimes increase due to medical bills.
  • there are insufficient funds after person stops working.
  • failure to save over one's working life time.

This plan offers you:

  • Guaranteed pension income from as early as age 50
  • Guaranteed interest and annuity rates
  • Waiver of Premiums in case of disability. (optional)
  • Life insurance coverage (optional)
  • Cash values from end of 1st year
  • Policy loans available when cash is needed

CLICO’s Guaranteed Retirement Annuity is registered in Bahamas, Belize and the Turks & Caicos Islands and is available Bahamian, Belize and United States dollars.

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